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For more than a decade now, Facebook has been a primary tool for several individuals as well as businesses to run their advertisement. Be it the selling of a product like cool theme based t-shirts or carrying out the PR of an upcoming celebrity, Facebook has always been the first choice for carrying out these kinds of activities. More importantly, even in this era of Instagram, you will be surprised to know that Facebook has yet not lost its relevance and is still the primary tool for carrying out small & large-scale business & publicity activities!

In reality, Facebook is much more than just a distraction to keep you from reaching your writing goals by bombarding you with funny videos & movie clippings. It is by far, the most popular social media platform on the planet as well as one of the world’s top three websites after Google & YouTube in terms of the visitors’ count. Therefore, using Facebook is very much essential for your success, especially if you intend to earn an income through your work as an author.

Well, today in this write-up we shall cover up those aspects, which will point out the necessity of Facebook for the Self-Published Authors. Therefore, check out the following points –

Major Reasons Why Every Self-Published Authors Should Use Facebook

Optimum Utilization of Facebook

Facebook rules the internet, so it is important to master the site as a means of helping you boost your author platform. Facebook is not a substitute for your author website; you truly need to have both if you want to maximize your brand’s impact. Facebook is not a pure promotional tool; remember almost everything that you do online should be in service of building your email list. It is not about promoting your books. It is about making fans and enticing them to sign up for your emails!

Algorithm of Facebook

Well, Facebook is not responsible for your success or failure as it is simply a platform that you can use to reach the people. Sometimes its algorithm will confuse and frustrate you. Other times, it will amaze you at its ability to connect you with fans. The key of excelling depends upon how you use it to generate a favourable result for you.

Huge Users’ Presence on Facebook

The most obvious reason to use Facebook to enhance your author platform is that it is remarkably popular. It is almost unheard of to not have a Facebook profile these days, so if you want to be found by fans, you have to have a presence on the platform. Maybe there was a time in the past when you could get away with avoiding Facebook, but that time has long passed. People discover their new favourite things on Facebook every day; make sure they can discover you!

Growth that can be achieved via Facebook

You must always remember that you are not a writer with books to sell rather you are an author with a brand to promote. That means letting the world know what you are all about and what inspires you. Facebook is the ideal platform other than your website for conveying focused content that tells the world who you are and what makes you tick. All of this stuff, which is extraneous from your books, makes you appealing to readers, many of whom will follow the path to your website, where they will sign up for your email list, and eventually buy your books. The goal though, should be growing your brand, allowing the book sales to happen as an extension of your author brand growing efforts.

Multimedia advantages on Facebook

In our fast moving, high-tech world, it can be difficult to get people excited about the written word. Thankfully, Facebook makes it possible to share updates that take advantage of virtually all types of media. For example, you could record a short video that shows you talking about a character’s backstory or a new concept for a short story. On the other hand, you can share photo albums that feature images that have inspired you. You can even grab peoples’ attention by using eye-catching animated GIFs and other types of media!

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