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Business Proposal Content Creation

Inkerspress Writing Solutions has, over the years, gained immense experience and expertise in creating quality content for business proposals, new ventures, proposals for business structuring and business analysis, report writing, etc.  We delve deep into the client’s business proposition, study thoroughly the competitive market scenario and develop the required business proposal or communications for a sustainable, viable, competitive business.

PR Content for B2B, B2C, and D2C Channels

We develop public relations customized content for different channels such as B2B, B2C, D2C, etc. In today’s cut-throat competitive market scenario, one must outshine the crowd, offer that extra mileage, meet the specific need of the client, and must utilize all sources, channels, and platforms, to reach out to a larger clientele base, and make one’s presence felt worldwide. Days have gone when just one medium or source was enough for your business longevity. Now the world is a fast-shrinking global village and sky is the limit to sell your product anywhere.

Sales Pitch, Poster, Banners

Today, we cannot exploit the opportunities even on a platter by just emailers or seminars. We need sales pitch strategies, attractive posters, banners, webinars on social media, and marketing material to reach out to the client, corporates, and end-users constantly. Inkerspress Writing Solutions offers you comprehensive services for preparing sales pitches, posters, banners, leaflets, and other marketing tools at affordable prices.


    Inkerspress Writing Solutions

    SEO-optimized Blog Posts and Vlog Scriptwriting

    We offer services of SEO-optimized blog posts, and Vlog scriptwriting after a thorough study of the subject, and needs of the clients and provide one-stop complete information encapsulated for easy understanding.

    Business Presentations & PowerPoint Presentations

    These days, we use PowerPoint and other effective tools to convince the customer or corporate about our offerings. We have expertise in developing business presentations and PowerPoint presentations in a clear, easily understandable, succinct, and effective manner so that product or service features are understood clearly in minimum time. This enables the customers/ corporates/clients to market their product, penetrate newer geographies, and thus boost their profitability, branding, and marketing standing for a sustainable leadership market positioning and retain them longer.

    Annual Report Preparation Newsletter Press Release

    Now all listed corporates/ entities across the world are required mandatorily to submit their annual reports to the regulators, investors, and shareholders. Other organizations also prepare annual reports to let the public, investors, and regulators know about their annual turnover, new business added, market prospects, rate of return on investment, capital allocation decisions, new acquisitions, and business verticals added, if any. Newsletters are a handy tool to keep in touch with clients and the public. They tell about the company’s major initiatives, plans, and other decisions in a particular period. Inkerspress provides you services for annual report writing, preparation, editing, publication, and periodic newsletter development and printing publications along with press releases.

    Funding Proposal Preparation

    Now to expand your business or to set up a startup or unicorn (new age businesses, startups that rely on digital leadership), you need financial backing. We develop customized funding proposals so that you can secure funding for your new startup or expand your business to newer geographies, regions, and clientele and tap the untapped potential thus growing your business and profitability exponentially.  

    CSR Communications

    Inkerpress has a decade-long vast experience in offering and developing corporate social responsibility communications. Now it is mandatory for many listed companies to spend on CSR activities every year from their profits to serve the larger goal of social welfare, especially weaker, unreached, downtrodden, poor, or disadvantaged sections of society. We develop CSR communications after discussion with the corporates and highlight their CSR activities and programmers.

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