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Editing Services (Basic, Comprehensive, Copyediting)

Inkerspress is a proficient market leader with the best branding in all five levels of editing – L1 to L5. Under L1 we perform basic editing.  Copyediting can be both L1 or L2 depending upon client requirements and the nature of the document. In both basic editing and copyediting, we polish the paper, undertake language editing and make documents print- or publication-ready.  In Comprehensive / Substantive / Premium editing, we refine the entire document and correct and rewrite content wherever warranted for maximum clarity, and accuracy.

Book Outline Preparation

A book outline is often referred to as the basic skeleton of the manuscript. Preparing an outline before plunging into writing streamlines the course of action. We at Inkerspress have a one-on-one interaction with the writers/ authors to understand the broad idea and conception behind writing a book. We analyze the big idea, target audience, the potential marketability of the book, and then design the manuscript structure. We suggest the clients with the optimum style of manuscript writing viz. teaching style, workshop style, FAQs/SAQs, etc.  We at Inkerspress understand that the more detailed the outline is, the better written is the manuscript/book.  We provide customized services right from inception of the book right up to the publication stage. These include conceptualization, writing, and editing services.

Beta Reading & Editorial Suggestions

We develop your manuscript as a beta reader also if you wish so. Though beta readers are not editors or professional critics, they can play an important role in helping the author improve the work by pointing out errors, plot holes, inconsistencies, or unclear passages. It means we incorporate all editorial suggestions, so that book, document, manuscript, and thesis become marketable, presentable, and profitable to the client.


    Inkerspress Writing Solutions

    Proofreading Plagiarism Check and Removal

    When writing research papers, authors base their current research on past studies undertaken and then try to project their study as adhering to past observations or differing from it. However, authors inadvertently end up writing certain sections which are word-to word the same as the source material without appropriately citing the actual authors. This is referred to in academia as Plagiarism. We at Inkerspress offer services for checking academic manuscripts for plagiarism and removal of the same via rewriting. Do note that different manuscripts require different types of plagiarism checks. Please contact our team for further details.

    Cover Designing

    We undertake attractive, customized cover designing after thorough research, market analysis, and with concurrence from the client. A cover is an important marketing tool as the buyers or users flip through the cover initially even on Amazon before buying a book and whether to buy a book depends 70-90% on the cover design of the book.

    SEO-checked Book Title Suggestion

    We incorporate SEO-optimized keywords in all books, documents written, edited or designed, published by us. This is done so that users can easily locate and know the prominent features of the book, boosting books sale, brightening marketability, and thus becoming a profitable venture for the client/ author.

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