General and Academic Content Creation – Inkerspress

Website Content

We develop, write, conceptualize, edit as well as customize website content. We study the peer market in which the company is operating and customize the website for highlighting the co, ensuring wider reach to the clientele.

Email/ SOP/ LOR, Admission Essays

We develop, write edit SOP/ LOR/ Admission Essays after getting complete feedback from the client, duly understanding the target colleges or universities so that the admissions committee finds the admission essays, SOP/LOR handy and the student’s achievements are highlighted.

Voice Transcription

We undertake Voice Transcription/ translation in different languages without losing the original meaning and intent of the document.

Resume Writing

Inkerspress provides quick resume writing services. A resume is the very first document to make the first impression on the recruiter or organization. Now a recruiter hardly takes 2 seconds to glance through a resume considering the huge number of applicants. Hence, a proper resume structure becomes most important for the success of the candidate or the client.


    Inkerspress Writing Solutions

    Cover Letter

    We prepare cover letters. Cover letters are the very first tools to interact with a service provider organization or recruiter. It is used for all services and introduces the client to the prospective customer, buyer, candidate, or service provider.

    PowerPoint Presentations

    We prepare attractive PowerPoint presentations. PPTs contain brief, relevant, easily graspable, key points about a product, service, utility, or topic in a succinct well-written manner. They save precious time required to read large exhaustive documents.

    Creative/Non-creative Writing and Scientific Writing

    The fiction, non-fiction books, manuscripts, thesis, research articles, research reports, and other documents for different subjects such as Medicine, Lifesciences, Humanities, STEM, Management, and creative/noncreative books, novels, best sellers. While working on the above, our focus remains to make the work, document, book, and manuscript outstanding in the market and highlight and brand the client’s capabilities and skillsets.

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