Inkerspress has gained specialization in turning numerous authors into success stories by providing them with innovative book marketing services, organising custom-tailored publicity campaigns, and boosting their book sales exponentially.

Inkerspress Writing Solution feels proud to have partnered with numerous authors in their literary journey by writing their books, editing, marketing, reviewing, highlighting, and publicizing on a vast scale. Normally, when embarking on their literary journey, authors and writers put a volley of questions to us, “How do we market the book, ‘how to promote the book’, ‘how to get the book noticed on Amazon’, ‘what are the best marketing campaigns’, ‘how to build an author brand’, ‘what are the outstanding book promotion ideas for self-published authors’, ‘which marketing ideas can help increase sales exponentially? Inkerspress has answers to all these questions and has endeavoured hard to address these questions for our esteemed authors. We offer various service packages at the best prices for you.

Benefits of Book Publicity Packages: We offer the following benefits to our authors and clients 

  • Boosting book sales on various platforms
  • Novel business and consulting avenues
  • Long-lasting association with traditional and online media
  • Author branding, promotion, and highlighting them in various fora.
  • Speaking engagements

Press Releases

Author Website

Wikipedia Page Creation

Broadcast Review

YouTube Video Review

Book Magazine Review

Inkerspress caters to all these requirements of both budding and amateur authors in a customised manner because in our decade-long journey, we have honed our skills, researched the market and industry thoroughly, and have understood how an idea, a concept anywhere by any person can turn into to a multibillion-dollar venture if it is supported well, planned, and contoured in best way possible and dynamically changing taste and interest of the audience and reader are given utmost priority. Considering this, we offer highly attractive packages for academicians, authors and writers to design, develop, promote, and market their books on every possible platform such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Literacy festivals, newspapers, other social media, and required platforms. Inkerspress offers unique strategies that set us apart from the competition, the crowd, and thousands of other organisations in the field. We’ve supported, partnered with, and promoted thousands of traditional, self-published, amateur, best-selling authors, with books in every genre, theme, fiction, nonfiction, social, political, literary, exploratory, scientific, or on any subject the author chose. Consequently, Inkerspress has revolutionized, fine-tuned the art of writing, designing, publishing, marketing, and promoting books and their authors in unique and compelling ways.

Please feel free to enjoy our attractive packages and select the best one suited to you, discuss with us thoroughly and we will put our best efforts to make your dream book, concept a sure-shot success, profitable venture for you. Please do not hesitate to reach out to our book marketing and author support services team for the best book, development, design, promotion, and book review services. We guarantee you that we walk the extra mile, and take extra exceptional steps to ensure the book marketing services we offer add real value to your brand and you can walk the talk on TV shows, newspapers, and literary platforms. We provide you 24*7*365 support everywhere, anytime, on any subject till your book becomes a super success and is marketed well and its sale is multiplied exponentially.



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