Frequently asked questions about Language Editing

What kind of writing, editing, and proofreading services do you offer?

Inkerspress writes your documents as well as edits and proofreads them with a laser-sharp focus for all language errors such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, sentence structure, context, academic tone, and substance. We offer substantive, basic, premium as well as express editing services duly maintaining the academic style, tone, choice of words, and the structure of sentences. Your documents are edited by two native, experienced English language experts with domain specialization in the subject of your document and vast academic knowledge of a variety of academic and professional fields.

How much will your services cost me?

Our charge structure is devised in a manner that suits your pocket. Our effective and affordable pricing is based on the word count and the turnaround time of your document. However, prices may vary depending on the nature, subject, and timeline of services. For writing a 15,000-word manuscript, thesis or document, we approx. take 5-7 days. For express orders delivered within 24-30 hours, surcharges apply. To know more about our pricing please talk to our sales representative or call or WhatsApp at 91+9109259049 or mail us to

How should the payment be made?

You can make the payment online using your debit or credit card, via Xoom or Wise, a globally accepted and secure payment gateway that uses industry-standard data encryption to protect all your information. All transactions made via their system are guaranteed to be safe. A payment link is provided.

How do I place my order?

We have designed a very simple and quick procedure for your convenience. It takes less than 5 minutes to place your order. To begin with, click on ‘Contact Us’. Fill in the required information and send the document you want us to proofread, edit or write. You will get a price quote along with an option to choose the delivery type: Standard or Express delivery. After you choose your option, you need to furnish us with your requirements. Thereafter, you can go ahead with the payment through the highly secured payment gateway. Now just relax and leave the rest to us. We will deliver you the edited or written and refined document before the deadline you select.

What are the steps to cancel my order?

In case you want to cancel your order, you can contact us anytime via chat, telephone, or email and we will cancel your order promptly. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that the editors start working on your document as soon as we receive the order, so you have to cancel the order within 20 minutes of placing the order.

Is there a way to replace the wrong document that I have uploaded?

Yes. You can contact us via chat, telephone, and email and we will get the editors to edit the right document. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that our editors start working as soon as we receive the order. Therefore, please let us know about it at the earliest possible, preferably within 30 minutes of placing the order.

How will you return my completed document?

We return your documents relating to writing or substantive editing of manuscripts, theses, SOP, other documents, and books on the mail id registered with us and through which you had sent the document. The editor’s corrections and suggestions will be highlighted using MS Word’s Track Changes feature so that you can read through them if you wish. We also send you a clean copy of the edited accepted documents as that helps know a clear final document.

How long does it take to receive a completely written or edited document?

We deliver most of the written manuscripts and edited documents before the turnaround time. We finish processing your job before the stated turnaround time and submit the complete document as per your instructions. However, the exact time of submission before turnaround time depends on the nature of the document (as a medical writing, premium editing may take longer; the total word count, and the complexity involved of the document. Besides documents with about 10 lac words may take about 15 days, though the timeline is negotiable.

Will your services be available on weekends as well?

Definitely, Inkerspress editing and content writing services are available round-the-clock, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (24*7*365). Our expert editors, authors, and subject specialists work on your documents all seven days. So, please do not worry, if you want to send us documents on weekends or holidays, we start working forthwith and allot to the concerned expert specialist author or editor the assignments immediately.

How will you edit and improve my content?

Our professional editors have the expertise and experience of up to 35-40 years in the domain. We have written about 20,000 manuscripts, theses, and admission essays and have edited over 90,000 documents in our decade-long illustrious academic, language, scientific editing, and writing journey. Incorporating your valuable critical inputs, the documents are customized and worked on par with the best academic language writing and editing standards anywhere in the world.  We receive and work satisfactorily with documents from across all 200 major countries worldwide.

We ensure consistency, uniformity, academic tone, and clarity in your document. Furthermore, we also perform quality formatting of your document, correct all grammatical errors, punctuation errors, and typos, and also check the referencing. All the edits made by our expert editors will be highlighted in your document using MS Word Tracker so that you know what changes were incorporated.

Will you check and correct referencing in my documents? If yes, what types of referencing will you do?

Yes, absolutely! We are highly proficient in flawless editing and formatting your references and checking, the correct format as per the latest referencing styles such as AMA, Harvard, Vancouver, MLA, APA, Chicago, OSCOLA, IEEE, etc., Additionally, in case you have your own certain house referencing needs or any particular guidelines from your publisher or university, we customize the references and documents accordingly.

In which file format, do you accept the documents?

We suggest you send us your documents in Microsoft Word (.doc) or (.docx) format as it has the finest features for writing, proofreading, and editing. However, case by case, we can do PDF editing also, whose charges are different.

Can I send PDF/LaTex files for editing and proofreading?

As the PDF format is not editable easily and takes time, we would recommend that you send your document in a format that can be perfectly edited such as .doc or .docx. If you have a LaTeX document, simply copy-paste your text into an MS Word document so that it is easier for us to edit. You can effortlessly copy-paste it into your LaTeX document once we deliver it to you, perfectly proofread and edited. PDF documents are also acceptable in exceptional cases after mutual discussion as they take thrice the time than required in an MS Word document.

My edited document has some red markings and comment boxes. How do I remove those?

Since your document has been edited using Microsoft Word’s Track Changes feature; there are red markings on your document. To remove them, select the ‘Review Tab’ option in Microsoft Word. You can either accept or reject each change. For your ease, we also email you a clean version of your completely proofread and edited document which does not contain the red tracking and the comment balloons. We put comments to justify changes or tell about why our content or changes are accurate.

How do you shortlist an author, writer, or editor to write or edit my document?

We have very rigorous entrance tests and each editor/ writer undergoes three stages of test, if they score well over 90% in all stages, we onboard them. Our writers/editors are experts in several domains and fields, so your document would be assigned to an editor who has relevant experience and expertise in your subject. We believe that there is no substitute for subject-matter proficiency. We evaluate your submitted document thoroughly and assign it to the editor whom the operations manager feels is the best suited for your individual needs. This ensures that the assigned editors have the best possible skillsets and experience relevant to your subject/topic. You can be 100% assured that your documents are being edited/ written by a senior academic writer, and editor who understands and possess the requisite skillsets, and subject mastery.

Can I request a particular writer/ editor to proofread and edit my document? Will the same editor work on my document throughout the process?

Yes, of course. In order to maintain consistency and uniformity throughout the text, and if you wish so, we may assign your repeat documents to the same editor. Therefore, we assign the document to the same editor to edit all the parts of a particular document. Also, all the subsequent documents that you submit to us, may be assigned to the same editor.

How can I convey my requirements to the preferred editor?

After finalizing the project, a project manager is assigned to you who handles the entire project till the end. In the meanwhile, if you want to talk with the editor you can write us at  or or you can contact the project manager he/she will connect your call with the editor and you can convey your special instructions to her/ him.  

How experienced and qualified are your editors?

We have a rich experienced pool of the most proficient editors to offer you high-quality and personalized editing services. Our team consists of expert, capable editors who have exemplary skills and a minimum of 15 – 20 years of experience in editing and writing different types of academic documents. All of them are highly qualified, postgraduates, and PhDs. We have hired some professors, and medical doctors globally to do subject-specific writing and editing as per the latest industry requirements. They are fluent in all academic style guides and comfortable with specific university style guide requirements. They continuously undergo training and are regularly coached to ensure consistent, high-quality editing and wring.

How can I be assured of the quality of your services?

You can be completely assured of our document quality as we at Inkerspress have the highest standards of academic English which you will find very impactful and flawless. We are a highly reputed global firm which is well-known for its integrity. Our native English language experts perfectly write and substantively edit your documents. This is a testimony to assure you about your flawless, error-free, quality delivered on time. We deliver over 100 edited documents each day to individuals/ researchers. Institutions across the globe.

Do you offer free samples of your proofreading and editing services?

You can view our samples in our ‘Samples’ section. If you want a sample edit from us to see for yourself our highest-quality language, academic editing we would be happy to offer you one. Just contact our customer care team ( and ask for your sample edit.

Does your website keep my document confidential and secure and maintain privacy?

Known for our integrity, professionalism, quality, and customer-centricity, Inkerspress is an established organization in the academic writing and editing sector for the past decade. We are trusted by hundreds of clients every day who use our services for making their documents completely error-free. Our strict privacy and confidentiality policy ensures that you retain full copyright and credit for your written, edited document handled by us. We never share or store your documents. We have worked with several students/authors/business professionals from all over the world some being well-known authors, renowned institutions, Universities, businesses and students from different parts, regions, and fields.

Do you provide a guarantee?

We are fully confident that you will prefer and appreciate our services. In the rare case that you are not satisfied with us, we will immediately address your queries and seek to immediately rectify your document to the best of our ability.

Contact Us

You can reach out to us for any query, clarification or regarding order submission or other issue.

Frequently asked questions about Ghostwriting

The internet is replete with countless online writing and editing services, making it very difficult which company to choose from.  Here are some questions to ask when you’re vetting companies to ensure that you pick a reliable language editing content writing firm for all of your fiction and non-fiction writing and editing needs:

What do I need to consider when choosing a good Ghostwriting firm?
  • Is the price offered right? If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Developing a high-quality book takes hundreds of hours of work and requires a high level of expertise, focus, dedication, commitment, and domain knowledge—don’t be tempted by third-rate writers who market “affordable” prices.


  • Who owns the rights to the book? It’s your book. Therefore, should own the copyrights to your content. Be wary of some ghostwriters who ask for partial rights to your material.


  • What is the payment arrangement? You should always pay for ghostwriting services in 2-3 installments—never 100% upfront. After the initial deposit, you should make subsequent payments only if you’re happy with the document the ghostwriter has developed. You should have clearly defined milestones for payments to ensure that you and your writer know what to expect.


  • Who’s in charge? Working with a ghostwriter is a collaborative task, but you should have the final say on all content decisions. If a writer is unwilling to prioritize your needs and incorporates all your suggestions in the document/ book, then it may not be your book—it will be theirs.


  • Is the service confidential? This is YOUR book. If you wish, a ghostwriter’s name should never appear on the completed manuscript and you have all rights on the book.

Whatever service you decide to use from Inkerspress, always you should protect your interests first. Therefore, it is advisable to do vigilant checks on the company before you hand over your work/ project to it. So there is a need for you to choose a reputable company with relevant experience.

What is typically included in the Ghostwriting process?

The ghostwriting process can be as unique and customized. Some basic elements are typically included in every book, however, our ghostwriting services are fully tailored to meet your specific needs and incorporate whatever you want to keep your book unique so that it can one day become a best seller and popular.


We can work with you as consultants and editors as you develop your content on your own, or we can ghostwrite for you, based on mutual discussions, interviews, and other information you provide us.


In addition to information gathering via email and phone, a standard ghostwriting package includes writing, reviewing, and revising your content and complete document. We can also conduct in-person interviews, on-site visits, and independent research if necessary, and will improve the content quality. Our ghostwriting process is very flexible, and we are happy to customize our service to best suit your personality, schedule, and publishing standard. You can read more about the standard process here

How should I determine the nature/level of service required?

The level of writing or editing services that you need depends on the strength and clarity of your content/ concept and how it has been developed. In case, you have a well-written manuscript that just requires a final polish, copy editing is a suggested service.  Premium editing or substantive editing is best for manuscripts that are early drafts or that were either written quickly or by an inexperienced writer or are ambiguous or miss your target journal or university standards. If your document has been highly plagiarised, substantive editing is warranted. We offer plagiarism removal services as well.

If you are looking for feedback on the development of your material, our critical review and analysis will provide you with thorough input to help guide you through the writing process.

For more collaborative consultation, developmental editing services will render you dedicated support as you develop your ideas—or your manuscript-in-progress—into a coherent, comprehensible document, manuscript, thesis, or book.

If you still require more extensive support with your content or document to further improvise and finetune it, we also provide rewriting and ghostwriting services that build off of existing material or generate new content.

Please do not hesitate to send us a sample of your work, and we’ll give you our professional opinion on which level of service will benefit your writing the most.

What If I don’t need a specific service included in your comprehensive packages?

Feel free to pick and choose which professional services you want to avail. We may reduce the pricing if you want to drop any of the service options, depending on your association and likely repeat business potential. We’re always happy to customize our services to meet your needs in every parameter.

How much do different ghostwriting services cost?

Every ghostwriting project is unique: our pricing structure is flexible, and it varies according to what you choose to include in your package. Our comprehensive ghostwriting packages generally incorporate writing services for the manuscript, phone time with the ghostwriter, review by a senior editor, copy editing, reply to the query letter and development of response letter for the institution, journal with a synopsis, a personalized list of literary agents to query, and publishing consultation.

What if I need feedback and consultation on my document/book?

Our premium editing, writing, and consultation services are perfectly suited for writers, professionals, and researchers who are looking to improve their work. We can give necessary input at whatever level of detail you’d like, be it the structure and concept of the book/document, a critical review of the flow and transitions, or copy-edit the text itself. Inkerspress is also an expert professional organization to address your specific issues, as per your request, in our review of your work.

I'm not a writer, but I have an appealing Idea for a movie/novel/etc. Can you help me?

Yes, we can surely help you. Please make us a call! We’ll be more than happy to help you and bring your story to life—for the screen, the page, or even the stage. We have passionate writers who put a concept into best-selling realistic works. We possess the necessary experience you need to help you write your story. We connect you with a skilled ghostwriter, editor, or consultant to transform your concept into a complete work of art that you’ll be proud to call your own. Don’t let get disappointed by a lack of experience or skillsets or resources and we are there to actualize and turn concepts into reality!

I know the general topic for my book, but I don’t know what specific ideas to include. Can you help me?

Yes, definitely. Your ghostwriter will be closely associated with the planning and development of your concept and idea and undertake in-depth research to elaborate and enliven your topic. We carry out multiple personal or Zoom interviews with you and create an outline for your book based on your ideas, and instructions that you can then refine and expand with your writer before the commencement of the book-writing process.

My book requires thorough research. Can your Ghostwriting services perform this?

Yes, our ghostwriting packages include conducting thorough research services. Whether your book requires basic internet searches or rigorous scholarly research, we have expert writers on board to conduct effective customized research and synthesize it into your book.

How involved will I need to be in the process?

The level of your involvement depends completely on you. You can choose to work closely with your allotted ghostwriter, or simply provide them with fundamental framework information and let them do the rest of the work to your utmost satisfaction. This is your book, which means that you have the final say on what it contains; how and when you give your input and approval depends entirely on you. We’ll work closely with you to smoothen the process so that it fits your schedule and preferred working style.

What time normally does the ghostwriting process take?

The duration taken in the ghostwriting process depends on you and the author/writer. Depending on your schedule and required level of involvement, your ghostwriter starts developing material for you to review and seeks approval on a weekly or biweekly basis. While every book is unique, on average, a 200-page or 50,000-word manuscript will take between four and five months to develop. We can often expedite these services and timelines for you if you need to meet a specific publishing deadline.

Are your services 100% confidential?

Yes. Our all services are completely confidential. We will never use any of the information you provide us for any other purpose, nor will we use the writing developed for your book in other work. We have posted a comprehensive privacy policy on our website, and we are also happy to share with you a non-disclosure agreement copy as well.

Once the book is Ghostwritten, how do you help with its publishing?

We know that publishing a book could be a very challenging task,  especially for first-time authors. Keeping this in view, we offer personalized consultation and comprehensive 24*7*365 support for traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing outlets. Most of our all-inclusive ghostwriting packages include an original and customized query letter or book proposal that entails virtually no charge. This priceless marketing tool is employed to promote and market your book to literary agents and publishers. If you are not confident about how to find a reputable literary agent, we will help you out. We will provide you with a list of genre-appropriate resources to whom you can send your query letter or proposal.

What's included in the consultation process?

Our expert consultants are available to discuss threadbare all aspects of your project with you, including planning, preparation, conceptualization, organization, development, style, tone, writing, editing, formatting, publishing, etc. Our consulting process is flexible and can easily fit all your needs and preferences. Extensive consultation sessions generally occur through phone, video calls, or written feedback though if you need, in-person meetings are also organized. When you are completely happy with the content of your book, we can help you determine which publishing options/ package suits best for you and can make your published book a reality and a successful popular bestseller that may fetch you billions of dollars, in reality, every year.

    Frequently asked questions about Translations

    Do you translate into all languages?

    Yes, we translate into all Indian languages.

    How long does it take to complete the translation?

    The delivery time of translated work depends on the amount of text you want to be translated and in the language you want translation If you want your document delivered more quickly, you can order express delivery, though it is a little pricey, that can be mutually decided.

    How fast can my document be translated?

    Inkerspress is committed to helping you with quality and timely translation. The delivery time depends on the amount of text and the format of the translatable file. As a guide, a translator can translate approximately 2,000 words a day, but this will naturally be affected by the nature of the text involved, the language combination, and the file format. It also depends on whether the document is a legal contract, a thesis, a newsletter to your customers, a technical manual, a handwritten letter, or your whole website.

    How long does it take for delivery of an express translation?

    We make our best effort to reduce the time for express translations and do everything possible we can to deliver your express translation as quickly as you need it without any compromise on quality. The delivery time depends on the amount of text, the language of both the documents, and the file format.

    Will I have direct contact with the translator?

    Yes, when you contact Inkerspress, you will be in touch with a project manager, who is then in turn in contact with the translator/translators involved in your project. You can tender feedback or request for including any point at any time by contacting, whatsapping, or just mailing, or texting us.

    How do you safeguard document quality?

    We translate every file in accordance with best international standards with different levels of review. The translators themselves ensure that the translated text meets your requirements, i.e. all text is translated and spell-checked, the terminology remains consistent, the text is linguistically correct and is tailored for the target group, and all necessary reference material is taken into account, etc. Furthermore, a reviewer or quality analyst also evaluates your document to double-check that the stipulated criteria have been met. Prior to document delivery, the project manager thoroughly checks whether the file is not corrupt and that the translation corresponds to your order in every respect.

    Why do you require an editable file only?

    Because our translators work using editable translation tools, we need editable files that can be employed in these tools. PDF files are normally not easily editable. We can, of course, convert PDF files into Word format but the result will be less successful as the line breaks and pagination may mismatch than that of the source file. We can prepare a PDF file and create a “new” original, but this will cost you more and can take a little longer time. Therefore, it is suggested to provide a working editable file from which the document was created. This is often in InDesign. If your document has image-containing text, we also need to be able to access this text and sources to translate them correctly.

    How much does a translation cost?

    The cost of a translation varies from file to file and depends on the number of words, the language combination, the delivery time, and the file format that you have provided us with. Mail us your text/order for translation or get a quote instantly.

    Frequently asked questions about Publishing - Publishing Consultancy

    Will Inkerspress help me publish my book as well?

    Yes, we do. Whether you are interested in traditional, hybrid, or self-publishing, we provide comprehensive support and assistance in successfully navigating the publishing industry. For traditional publishing, we will help you to identify publishing houses and literary agents who work with you to prepare enthralling promotional material to solicit potential buyers. We can review your platform and connect you with the best hybrid press or self-publisher to meet your goals and increase exponentially your sales, which remains the dream of every celebrity author and writer.

    What is the process for publishing a book?

    You have several options to publish your book, depending on your budget, timeline, and the marketability of your book. Each publishing option has its own processes and pros and cons. You can learn more about the publishing options and processes completely here.

    Describe the process for finding a Literary Agent.

    Typically, you would like to submit query letters (and sample pages, if they’re requested) to agents seeking manuscripts in your genre. It is very important to personalize each letter to the agent who receives it: explain how your book complements the works and authors they currently represent. The process is long and arduous, and there is no guarantee that you’ll find a representation or profitable agent. But, if you do, a literary agent may most likely find a publisher for you and act as a champion/ marketing or promotional tool for you and your book or future best seller.

    Can I mail the same query letter to more than one Agent or Publisher?

    Yes. You can send multiple query letters to the same publisher or the same query letter to multiple agents or publishers; however, query letters are most effective when they are customized to your recipient considering their strong areas. Most of the successful query letters incorporate a section about how your manuscript pertains to the distinct character or priorities of the agent or publisher you’re contacting.

    Do you guarantee that my book will be published?

    If your goal is to hold a copy of your book and to see that it is available for sale online (via Amazon, B&, and other major online retailers), then yes, we can guarantee that your book will be published. However, we cannot guarantee that you will receive a secure literary agent or a book deal to represent you. We will, however, do everything possible that we can to support you in achieving your goal and get published your book on your preferred platform!

    I’ve written a book before, but it wasn’t successful. What can you do to help me succeed?

    Writing is just like any other skill or art form.  Practice, persistence, working on feedback, and refinement concerning emerging industry trends that capture the audience’s mind, and enrapture readers’ imaginations are the means to improving your abilities. Every writer needs an editor, and even the most brilliant ideas can benefit from some collaborators. We can work with you on material that you’ve already created and finetune it to give detailed, insightful feedback and suggestions on how to take your craft to the next level. We can also develop more ideas that you’ve already generated and the ghostwriter can work creatively on new material to capture the audience’s attention.


    Undoubtedly, the working of the publishing industry can be daunting, especially for first-time authors, so we offer consultation and comprehensive support for traditional, hybrid, and self-publishing outlets. The majority of our all-inclusive ghostwriting packages include an original and customized query letter or book proposal free of charge. This invaluable marketing tool is employed to promote and market your book to literary agents and publishers. If you face difficulty in finding a reputable literary agent, we will equip you with a list of genre-appropriate agents to whom you can mail your query letter or proposal to promote your books.


    Our all professional services are perfectly suited for writers who are looking to improve their work. Our professional staff is ever-ready to give you the tools, motivation, and reflection that you need to succeed.

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