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Ever heard of writer’s block? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by ideas but fail to put it on paper? It does happen to every writer and there comes the role of a Ghostwriter. By the bookish definition, a ghostwriter grabs the writer’s role without taking any credit of the piece written. Ghostwriters are mainly employed for content development, be it fiction or nonfiction and they further proceed towards a complete manuscript by working in close association with the author. 

We at Inkerspress offer you with Ghostwriting services at an affordable rate. In case you are struck on your story and need a professional to help you in your writing journey, you are welcome at Inkerspress.  

Inkerspress has done more than 70 Ghostwriting Projects.  Let’s transform your idea into a finished book. We specialize in ghostwriting the following: Fiction, Biography, Memoir& Autobiography, Business, Non-Fiction, Informative, and Children’s books.

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FAQs of Ghostwriting Services and Ghostwriters

No credits to the ghostwriter. The work is fully yours!

Its is a writing service where the author hires a writer for the book whose identity is kept hidden maintaining full confidentiality. The author remains the owner and gets all the credits for the content and can use it further. He/ She just pays some amount to the writer for this all. 

A Ghostwriter is a writer, who writes on behalf of someone else having no credits. Usually busy people, celebrities, doctors, authors, bloggers and others hire ghostwriters to write contents on their behalf. Ghostwriters never reveal their identity. 

No, you will pay for the writing work and the plot/ story is already yours. So you need not to give any credits to the writer. The ghostwriting services we offer are 100% confidential. You can get it published as your own written book. 

Yes, we will be happy to get as much inputs as we can. It will be more helpful for our writers to work on the project if you just provide some written material/ index of the book. 

Yes, there are lot of people in the world, who are having not much time for the writing and they have hired Ghostwriters for their books. The Ghostwriting is complete ethical also. The world is looking for new ideas and if you have not much time to write then also it is supposed to be reached to the world. We, at Inkerspress help authors to get the dream fulfilled of having an amazing book. 

Please submit some sample content/ blurb, target number of pages and expected timeline to Our team will get back to you within 24 hours with all the details.