How To Use Facebook Live To Enhance Your Book Marketing

How To Use Facebook Live To Enhance Your Book Marketing

If you have spent any amount of time on Facebook in recent months, it is likely that you would have noticed the increased prominence of Facebook Live, which is the platform’s wildly popular ‘Live Streaming Service’ for the videos by the users. Moreover, we all have observed that these days the Videos rules the internet, be it a cooking tutorial or an educational session they created and shared every minute on Facebook. Well, if you are an author then you need to understand the value behind the Facebook Live sessions and take the advantages of it in order to get the most out of your author platform!

Now, the big question is that how do you get started, and how can you get the most out of it to promote your brand? Well, through this write-up we shall focus over those points that are supposed to help you integrate Facebook Live effectively into your platform in a way that maximizes engagement. The best thing about these Facebook Live Sessions are that they are a great medium even for the introverts to showcase their literary works to the world. However, before diving deep into the methods of using Facebook Live to enhance your book marketing, let us first cover something that is much necessary. Now, you need to focus over some ‘Technical Aspects’ first before hosting the Facebook Live Sessions, otherwise your Live Sessions may not go very well.

You need to make sure of the following aspects first –

  • Practice and get used to looking into the camera lens. Well, you can change your privacy settings to ‘Only Me’ to ensure that no one else sees you practicing; just make sure to change the setting to ‘Public’ once you are truly ready to go live!
  • Get right into your content and start engaging fully as soon as you hit the ‘Record’ button.
  • Like the Viewers’ comments & reply to them personally. You can even address viewers directly while doing the video. This is part of the amazing power of live streaming video!

Well, now since we have covered the technical aspects let us focus over those methods, which can help several authors like you to enhance their book marketing via Facebook Live –

Write a Great Description for your broadcast:

Writing a great description is a very vital part for your Facebook Live Session. Since, this will show up on peoples’ News Feeds, so make sure your headline and description are compelling!

Give your Facebook Live videos some space:

Facebook ranks these videos higher than any other type of content, which is great, but if you fail to space your live videos out appropriately, they can overwhelm and bury your other content. Make sure you are continuing to post images, links and other types of content to enrich and diversify your presence, and try to keep your Facebook Live broadcasts at least two hours apart for the maximum impact.

Make it look good:

When your video appears in News Feeds, it will be on mute, by default. To make sure people unmute you and engage, it is good to make sure that you are offering a compelling visual experience. Find a great backdrop, use proper light and be sure to smile! In addition, keeping the camera moving is another wonderful way to attract engagement to your FB Video!

Introduce & Reintroduce yourself:

Tell people who you are right away and at regular intervals throughout your broadcast. The many people who jump in midstream will appreciate this.

Stick the landing:

When you are wrapping up your FB Live broadcast, be sure to reiterate what you have presented. Moreover, ask your audience for likes, comments and shares, thank people for watching and greet humbly them with goodbye!

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