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Being an author is a prestigious achievement, in the beginning most of the authors do not think much about the sales of their books. As most of the budding authors are very much satisfied with the name & respect that comes from publishing their books. At initial stage, the monetary aspects of publishing a book does not matter much to most of the budding authors. However, it does not always remain the same, the mindset of these authors changes and they starts looking up at the business angles too. Well, it is a good thing that ultimately authors starts to think about generating revenue from their published works!

More importantly, if you are an author and you are not looking up at the business angles of being an author then you need to change your mindset. It is indeed nice to be satisfied with the feeling that you are a published author now and your books are out there in the world for the people. However, it is even better when you start earning royalties from the books that you have published. As these royalties gives you, the confidence of being an author in the true sense and you get the aspirations to write & publish more works.

Now, the major problem over here is that you are an author not a businessperson so you might not be knowing the ways to look over the business side of being an author. Well, you have nothing to worry, as today in this write-up we shall be discussing all those factors, which will help you to understand the businesses that you can generate from your books. As you too need to earn royalties otherwise what is the point of putting so much of your money & efforts into the publishing of your books if you are not going to gain anything in return!

Listed below are some of those vital points, which are going to play a huge role for you in generating revenues from your published books –

The Business Side Of Being An Author

Get people to help you

One of the best things you can do for your business is to get people who are good at a certain thing, to join you in your business. Do you have no design skills at all? Then do not try to design your cover because readers will notice. Would you like to read a book by someone who cannot write? Of course not. Save up and pay someone who specializes in design to design your cover. This is the first thing potential readers see of your product, it is that important. Editing, formatting, etc. Get people who can do what you cannot to come alongside and help you so that you can begin working on your business, not just in your business.

Give value to current and future readers

You started receiving these emails because you downloaded one of our free guides or transcripts. We just gave it away but it got you connected with us. What can you give away to readers? Do you have a series? Give away the first book in the series! You will really lower the barrier of entry to getting readers to take a risk on your books. There are other ways to give value are to write a novella about the character’s back-story that you can give away & be creative. You wrote a book, you definitely have some creativity. Think about what would be appealing to the types of people you want to eventually read your book and offer it to them for free!

Continue to give value

You do not have to email your list weekly, but you can still continue to provide value to your email list and social media followers. Share your writing process because it helps people to get invested. Drop little hints and teasers for your upcoming books. Share about your life and your story apart from your books. All of these things help readers and potential readers to connect with you more.

Follow up and write amazing books

Not every product is going to appeal to everyone, so the more products we have, the easier it is to get sales. It is tough to put all of your effort into promoting just one book. That means you only have one entry point to your business, and nothing else to sell to those who love that book. If you only have one or two books, your time is better spent writing more books. Focus on creating amazing books, and more of them, and you will see that marketing your books becomes easier. Different books will appeal to people differently, so the more books you have, the more in-roads you have to your brand. Moreover, instead of working hard to sell one book, that same effort may result in 4-5 sales, if you have that many books to sell to readers who are your loyal fans!

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