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With more than 5000 happy clients from 11 different countries, INKERSPRESS has become synonymous for all kinds of publishing services on a global platform. Since our inception in 2018, we have excelled in Manuscript Writing and Editing, Ghostwriting, Translation, Proofreading, and Post-publication services for fiction, non-fiction, and academic books. Our internationally acclaimed editors, ghostwriters, and translators have transformed more than 500 writers into published authors. Equipped with a specialized team of academic/journal editors, we have fulfilled the dreams of young researchers to get their research papers published in esteemed Indian and International journals. Our support system also helps in journal selection, pre-submission peer review, and final submission. Providing 100% Plagiarism-free content is our forte.

INKERSPRESS understands the gravity of entrepreneurship and the hurdles of startups. Our Business Communication Department helps create content for B2B, B2C, and D2C channels. Our team is young, vibrant, and experienced in corporate communications and has been helping many budding startups with their PR, Sales & Marketing, and Technical Writing. Vlog content, blog posts, sales pitch, business review articles, and annual report preparation; INKERSPRESS covers everything. Avail end-to-end publication support/services at the most affordable price at INKERSPRESS. From content creation to editing and post-publication services, we tailor-make every deal in the best interest of our clients. Have a quick look at our ‘Services Provided’ section and get in touch for a free call.

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We want you to be utmost satisfied with our service offerings. We admire the numerous compliments and appreciations that we receive daily for the best quality work we do. We improvise on the suggestions and feedback rendered by our valued clients. If you feel an iota of dissatisfaction with the services rendered by us, be it for manuscript writing, book writing, editing, SOP writing, medical writing, and/or editing for all subjects: medicine, life sciences, humanities, management, literature, Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) or other subjects, please text, SMS, or mail us forthwith. We would promptly get back to you and will try our best to address all your grievances, if any.

Thesis Writing refers to a documented report of the process followed by the original research. Conducted by the working professional to accomplish the requirements for a Post-Graduate degree.

For this purpose, our framework can completely appreciate and examine the content, and identify the language. We rewrite the plagiarised document and are competent enough to reduce plagiarism from 80-85% to an acceptable 10-15% level without changing the intended meaning. Though plagiarism reduction depends on the nature and subject of the document. For scientific medical documents, we cannot rephrase technical terms, formulas, equations, so such documents have less scope for complete plagiarism reduction. The document is rewritten to meet academic requirements, without losing the intent of the author and without copyright infringement.

In this highly competitive world, creating a name of your own is not so easy. To outsmart in this neck-cutting competition of the cyber age where information gets stale every second and every part of the universe is reachable, equations change very dynamically, and researchers need timely support. We provide research scholars necessary help in finetuning, writing as well as writing their research articles, journal papers, thesis, and research summaries. We ensure that research or academic documents written by us are accepted and degree is awarded to the scholars and their research papers are published in the journals of their choice with a high impact factor.

Brevity is the essence of wit. You get admission to leading institutions such as Harvard, the most acclaimed university in the world and also called the CEO factory of the world by showing your skillsets through a 1000-2000 words SOP/ admission essay. We have very capable and knowledgeable SOP essay writers with extensive experience. We have made a special incentive scheme for students seeking SOP/ admission essays.

The difficult part of a researcher’s course is composing a proposal/thesis. We possess domain expertise and offer them assistance in writing research manuscripts, theses, and SOP statements, for submission to colleges, universities, or other institutions.

It is not only our intellectual quotient that sets humans apart but also the diversity in our languages. A language is the road map to a culture. It reflects the origins of the culture as well as its ultimate destination.

Literature from diverse cultures is rich and bestowed with great writers on a global scale. Every culture came to light in this world through its literature. A language is often compared to a beautiful and mystical medley and learning one such language is akin to nourishing a second soul. Then why should anyone be cocooned to a single language?

If you think your story has the potential to cross the language barrier and reach a wider audience, avail the Inkerspress Translation Services. Presently, we translate regional Indian languages into English and vice versa.

Ever heard of writer’s block? Do you often feel overwhelmed by ideas but fail to put it on paper? It happens to every writer and here’s where the Ghostwriter takes charge. The most pedantic definition of a ghostwriter is a person who assumes the writer’s role without any credit attributed to them for the final product. Ghostwriters are mainly utilized for content development, be it fiction or non-fiction and they help in the completion of a manuscript by working in close association with the author.

We at Inkerspress offer Ghostwriting services at an affordable rate. In case you are struck with your story and need a professional to help you in your writing journey, avail of Inkerspress’ Ghostwriting services. 

Inkerspress has completed till date more than 70 Ghostwriting Projects.  Let us transform your idea into a finished book. We specialize in the following genres: Fiction, Biography, Memoir & Autobiography, Business, Non-Fiction, Informative, and Children’s books.

Anything catch your eye? Contact us for further details.

Inkerspress has been associated with numerous authors in their literary journey and we were often posed the profound question of “How do we market the book?” We at Inkerspress are pleased to inform you that we have the ideal solution for this question since we have strived to create the best packages for authors to promote and market their books. We offer unique strategies that sets us apart from other companies. Feel free to explore our packages and zero down on the best one suited for your book. Get in touch with our Book Marketing team for the best book promotion services and book review services.

At Inkerspress,
We don’t believe in one-time transactions. We believe in strengthening relationships so we get sticky repeat business from our clients.

Guaranteed Quality

If in exceptional cases, our work fails to delight you, we'll re-work it and rewrite, re-edit, and refine it so that the target institution accepts it or your paper/the document is published.

Highest Standard Data Security

We endeavor hard to protect your work. All our experts and employees follow a strict NDA and the privacy and confidentiality of your all documents are strictly maintained.

Total Punctuality and Deadline Orientation

We always help you meet your deadlines, and depending on the number of words we can process express orders of up to 5000 words within 12 hours.

Skilled & Experienced

Your work will be proofread by native speakers with PhDs, physicians, scientists, and professionals in your subject area who understand every little detail about your discipline.

Attractive Pricing for Repeat Clients and Large Documents

The very attractive pricing structure for repeat clients and Large documents: We know that the client is always right and always vie hard to meet their expectations, besting our previous document quality. So, please avail GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY that any client who has got written/ edited at least FIVE documents from our end. Special discounts are available. Further, for large documents of more than 90,000 words each document Inkerspress management reserves to right to grant discounts up to 10-15%. If your document exceeds 1-3 lac words we can offer you more discounts with the best quality content that would reckon among the best on the planet in academic standards.

We would love to hear from you. Please submit your query or feedback here.

Please note: Currently, we are not offering any job opportunities. Thanks for collaborating with Inkerspress.

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    Jitender Girdhar

    Columnist of Time Of India

    Thanks to the tireless support of Inkerspress, especially Miss Atrayee who was my project manager without her writing style and content refining, it would have not been possible to execute and market the ideas. Everybody who read the book has praised the content and writing style and my book is still in the best seller list.


    Batkupar Kharkongor

    Paris University

    I am impressed at the work done by Inkerspress for me and for the wonderful service experience which they have delivered. They are the professionals of the 21st century. I highly recommend Inkerspress in India and Abroad. Use their services for your professional growth.


    Dr. Aurovinda Ganguly

    Prof. At California University

    It is my immense pleasure to say that Inkerspress is a very good proofreader and plagiarism-checking service provider. The employees of this organization are very professional and helpful. They are also very supportive to the clients. Specially Ms. Aashi Dewangan is one of the best officers in this organization. She always gives the topmost priority to the quality of the academic services to the clients. This is what I have experienced during proofreading of three of my articles writing.


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