Inkerspress’s language and academic editing and proofreading services are transparent, fast, and best in class. From the time of uploading your document, book, thesis, research paper, and admission essay to making the final revisions to get your document accepted/ published in the target journal, we are there for you every step on the way.


  • Send your document and select the number of words

    Send your complete document ( and mention the no. of words to be edited/ written.

  • Select your service type and turnaround time

    Select the nature of required appropriate editing and writing services you want to avail of and choose a deadline of 12 hours, 24 hours, 3 days, 5 days, or others.

  • Mention any special instruction

    Select your domain, furnish the specific particulars, and send your supervisor’s guidelines or feedback/target journal, if any. This will facilitate us to customize, edit or write your document as per the requirement of the target journal or your supervisor/ professor or organization.

  • Make the payment

    Once you have made the payment, your worry ends and our work starts on the document. We acknowledge the submission of the document. In case of any query or ambiguous instruction, we contact you forthwith and after editing or writing the book/ document, we intimate you forthwith.


  • We hire the most efficient, qualified, experienced editors, translators, professors, researchers, and writers

    Depending on your field of study and requirements, we hand-pick the best editor/ content writer for the job. Our editors’ experience ranges from 15-40 years with rich international experience, academic certifications, and relevant skill sets.

  • The editor edits the document/ the writer writes the manuscript, thesis, or SOP

    Your document is worked upon strictly as per the requirement of your target journal, or the guidelines of your institution.

  • Last-minute fact checks

    Our internal guidelines stipulate reviewing each document thrice so that no word, punctuation, or instruction is missed out and the documents meet standard scientific editing and writing requirements. We spell-check and proofread all documents finally so that issues related to spacing, syntax, ambiguous/ incorrect sentences, and inappropriate words are resolved. We put clear comments in track changes to bring any factual error to your notice.

  • We contact you via SMS, Phone or E-mail

    After completing a document, manuscript, thesis, book, college admission essay, or SOP ( writing or substantive editing), we contact you via text message and email. Inkerspress always delivers the best quality document as per industry standards much before the deadline stipulated.


  • Accept changes

    You can easily accept or decline the editor’s changes using Track Changes in MS Word.

  • Ask questions

    We are available 24*7*365 to address all your concerns about the edited/ written document's edit via chat, phone, and email promptly.

  • Feedback

    You can share your thoughts about the edit quality under different parameters and rate us from 1-5 stars. Most clients rate us 5 stars which are our prime objective. In case of the below expectations rating, or feedback, we contact you, ascertain the reason, and rework the document if your document type has changed or you want separate instructions to be incorporated. Client’s utmost satisfaction is our prime motto.

  • Data privacy

    We maintain the data privacy of all your documents to avoid their misuse by other sources and delete all documents from the system every month. We automatically delete all your files after one year, but you can also manually delete them whenever you want.

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