So, if you have landed on this page we believe you are interested to know more about us. Great! We, at Inkerspress, are a bunch of professionals who are ready to guide you to your creative destination. 

A writer always leaves a slice of their soul into their work by puffing life to their imaginations. Lo and behold, the final manuscript is brought to life like a new born baby. But, if you think the buck stops there, then you are just half done. As Stephen King says, editing is the most merciless part of writing. And we at Inkerspress, help you in doing that merciless job. So, once you are done with your role as a writer, it is time to let us take over the reins. 

So what is it that we do? We Edit. We Translate. We can be your Ghostwriter as well if you think you’ve hit the writer’s block. And our services are wide spread over various avenues of writing. We work with fiction, nonfiction, academic books, Masters/Doctoral theses, research proposals/articles etc. In short, we work with any piece of writing and make it more meaningful and a better read. We have a dedicated team for checking plagiarism as well. Our editors are well connected with various upcoming publishing houses and we will be glad to help you in finding a suitable publisher for your creation. Not only that, we also help in marketing your published book as well. To know more, click on the Services section.

Inkerspress is still young in this market of editing business, and honestly we don’t (falsely) proclaim to be the top ranked editorial service out there. But, we do the job well and you can see that in our growing credentials and glowing testimonials of our satisfied customers. 


A gold medallist in Applied Microbiology from VIT, India, Atrayee is a Health Educator and works in the internal communications department of a renowned MNC. To cut her long educational qualification short, her journey as an editor started with Elsevier and Cactus Communications. She is an author by herself and have published three works of fiction. She has done 5 ghostwriting projects which have been published under good banners. An avid reader of English and Bangla literature and a chai person, she sits with us as an editor, translator and ghostwriter. She calls herself an introverted city-life hater who one day plans to live in a small hut with a bunch of rabbits. 

An eminent postdoctoral research scholar from NTU, Singapore, Dr. Harish is an environmental biotechnologist by profession. He works with the MoEFCC, India and is one of the young scientists working in India’s waste management programme. He lends his free time in guiding our academic editors. He oversees our research article/theses editing team and often guides our research student clients. Plagiarism department remains under his realm.

He is an ardent fan of Sidney Sheldon and John Grisham but is partial towards Clive Cussler. He is a hard core movie buff, loves to have his coffee hot and dosas crispy. 

Dr. Anuradha Chatterjee was awarded her Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering at Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay in 2006. After completing postgraduation as a rank holder in the field of Cytogenetics and Molecular Biology from the University of Mumbai, she ventured into the discipline of Chemical Engineering at IIT Bombay. Her research work based on her Ph.D. dissertation: “Sterilisation and Stabilization of Food Products using Supercritical Carbon Dioxide” resulted in two patents and a number of technical publications. She has been involved in imparting technical education in the disciplines of science and engineering at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. In addition, she has been actively participating in applied research on inactivation of microorganisms and inhibition of enzymes by creating physical, chemical, and biological stresses in the environment. She has extensive experience in the area of pharma-competitive intelligence as well as editorial experience as an editor for scientific research papers.  She is a trained classical dancer. 

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