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Inkerspress provides the service of multiple levels of manuscript editing and proofreading and academic English editing to make your raw manuscript ready to publish. We offer proofreading, copyediting and substantive editing to enhance the quality level of book. It is seen that the books having a number of grammatical and typing errors are mostly rejected by the publishers. So don’t worry, our experienced editors will help reduce these publication barriers by efficiently working on your manuscript and suggesting the appropriate editing service. Regardless of the service you opt for, we always focus on the highest quality keeping in mind the fast delivery time of output. Inkerspress is the top book editing company in India, providing editing services in various languages including English, Hindi and all others.


Our proofreading team is experienced in handling academic, scientific, fiction and non-fiction manuscripts. With a high score of manuscripts and thousands of happy client interactions, our team ensures you of meeting the critical aspects such as language, writing style, usage of punctuation terminology, contextual flow and reference style and standardizing your manuscript to be submission-ready.

Basic Copy Editing

Basically, you will need to opt the level of basic copyediting when there are small grammatical errors, for example punctuation, spelling, tense, voice, narration etc. Our expert team takes care of these issues and makes appropriate corrections. We will make sure that your manuscript is completely devoid of any such kind of errors. As soon as the process of complete editing is over, it will be ready for the publication. We have worked with a number of academic authors, and for such projects, our team is well trained and experienced. There will be one proofreading round after editing.

Substantive Editing

Substantive/comprehensive editing is much needed when there are a lot of errors in the manuscript in terms of writing, using proper phrases and sentences, choosing appropriate words in the context of the topic etc. Overall, in this type of editing, our editors rephrase as much as possible – but keeping the meaning intact. If your content is poorly written, or if you want to improve the quality of the content as per the standards, you can surely go for the level of substantive editing. And we will produce the output more impressive.


Yes, we will be having an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) before we start. Your work will be safe legally. 

Once the NDA is signed, you pay the amount for the editing after making sure abut the content.

No, you need to pay just 50% in starting and rest 50% you need to pay at the mid of project. 

Depends upon the content, for around 50K words book, we take around 8 days for basic editing and 15 days for comprehensive. 

You can visit our website’s registration page of you can submit the content at editing@inkerspress.com. Our team will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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