We deal with the editing of books, manuscripts, theses, other academic research documents, and journal articles. Our highly experienced editorial team understands the complexity involved in them so we research them thoroughly and then edit with the best-in-class academic standards.

Inkerspress provides multiple levels of manuscript editing, proofreading, and academic level English editing to make your raw manuscript ready for publishing. We offer proofreading, copyediting and substantive editing to enhance the quality of the manuscript. It is often seen that books are rejected mainly due to the number of grammatical and typographical errors. Worry not. Our experienced editors will help you in reducing these publication barriers by efficiently working on your manuscript and suggesting the appropriate editing service. Regardless of the service you opt for, we always focus on the highest output quality keeping in mind the deadlines involved on the client’s side. Inkerspress is the top manuscript editing company in India and we provide editing services in various languages including English, Hindi, and other regional Indian languages.


Our experienced proofreading team is adept in handling academic, scientific, fiction, and non-fiction manuscripts. With a high manuscript turnaround and thousands of happy client interactions, our team ensures that your manuscript meets the critical aspects such as language, writing style, punctuation terminology, contextual flow, reference style, and standardization of your manuscript to be submission-ready.



Certain manuscripts need only basic copyediting since the manuscript in question has only small grammatical errors e.g. punctuation, spelling, tense, voice, narration, etc. Our expert team first analyzes the manuscript to suggest to the author that only basic copyediting is required, following which these issues are promptly rectified. The editorial team at Inkerspress will ensure that your manuscript is completely devoid of any such errors and is ready for publication. Inkerspress has worked with a number of academic authors, and for such projects, our team is well trained and experienced. We also offer one round of proofreading following the editing process.


Substantive/comprehensive editing is required in a manuscript when there are a lot of errors in writing such as improper usage of phrases and sentences, not choosing appropriate words in the context of the topic, etc. Overall, in this type of editing, our editors will first analyze the manuscript completely to suggest to the author that comprehensive editing is required, following which they will rephrase the errata as much as possible while retaining the original meaning. Do note that our editors are the best placed to suggest to the authors as to whether comprehensive editing is required. Rest assured, the final output will be up to publishing standards.

Guaranteed Satisfaction

Inkerspress guarantees 100% satisfaction and happiness!

Delivering the best quality academic document, book, manuscript, and thesis matching the best international standards to our valued clients promptly is our first motto. We focus mostly on the best and prompt redressal of your issue, concern, or complaint that was agreed upon before availing services. We reach out to you to explore the best solution keeping your need as the top priority.  If we are not able to meet your demand as agreed due to any unavoidable circumstances, we can refund or rewrite, or re-edit the document again.

Personal Contact

We always respond to your questions and feedback promptly. If you are not 100% satisfied, we understand thoroughly from you what you actually want, what your supervisor, college, university, or journal requires in respect of documents, and work accordingly.


We believe in providing sincere and dedicated service. We endeavor hard to write and edit the document strictly as per your instructions and work professionally.

Deadline Orientations

We know you have deadlines to meet, so deliver the documents before the deadline. We focus on resolving problems as quickly as possible to your utmost satisfaction.


We are totally professional and are capable of best quality L1, L2, L3, and L4 level scientific and language editing, manuscript, thesis, article, SOP, and book writing as well as editing services, and have professional standards matching any global leader.

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