What Should Be The Ideal Price Of Your Book In India?

In Economics, there is a simple rule, “Higher price leads to lower demand while, lower price generates higher demand!” So, what does this simple economics rule mean in the publishing world? Yes, you have guessed it right; it means that with a higher price, you might not be able to sell as many books as you can sell with a lower price. Generally, this formula works very smoothly however; this may not be the most ideal formula in all the cases. As sometimes, many of the readers reject even some very good books if they are priced too low; or lower than their expectations of the ideal market price of a good book. Therefore, now the big question arises that what should be the ideal price of your book if you are an author in India? Well, in this particular article, we shall explore the perfect pricing policy for your books, which will not only be in alignment with the current market scenario but will also be able to generate revenues for you with the ever-occurring inflation of the general market.


Determining the ideal price for your book in India can be a daunting task, requiring careful consideration of various factors. While there is not a one-size-fits-all answer, so it becomes much necessary to equip all the necessary knowledge and the strategies to navigate the complex landscape of book pricing in the Indian market. Interestingly, in the vibrant Indian publishing landscape, discerning the ideal price for your book can feel like navigating a complex maze. Setting the right price is crucial as several factors come into play, each influencing the readers’ perception of value and ultimately determining the success of your work. Moreover, the pricing policy of a book affects everything from the sales of the books to the piracy rates and ultimately, your longevity in the book market as an author!

The journey from a completed manuscript to a published book is multi-faceted, and one of the most crucial decisions an author faces is pricing their work. This is particularly true for authors in India, where the market is diverse, price-sensitive, and presents unique challenges and opportunities. Determining the ideal price for your book in India requires a very careful consideration of the various factors, taking into account the cost of production, target audience, market trends, and ultimately, the value you deliver to your readers.

Understanding the Indian Book Market

Well, the Indian book market is a complex and dynamic landscape. While it is the second largest English language book market globally, a large population with varying levels of disposable income and diverse reading preferences also characterizes it. Additionally, the rise of e-books and online platforms has added a new dimension to the market, offering authors new avenues for distribution but also presenting increased competition!

Therefore, deciding the ideal price for your book in India can feel like a daunting task. As, it requires a delicate balance between profitability, reader affordability, and market competitiveness. Hence, as an author, you need to put your thoughts into facets that influence the book pricing in India in order to navigate this process and determine the optimal price for your masterpiece.

Factors Influencing the Book Pricing in India:

There are numerous factors that influence the book pricing in India, the most vital factors are mentioned as follows –

Cost of Production

A) Print-on-Demand (POD) VS Traditional Printing – Print on Demand (POD) platforms like KDP offer lower upfront costs, allowing for flexible pricing. Whereas, Traditional Printing involves higher upfront costs, requiring higher book prices to recoup the investment made!

B) Formatting and Editing – Professional editing and formatting services can significantly increase the cost of production, affecting the price point.

C) Book Design and Cover Art – Hiring a professional designer for the cover and interior layout can increase costs but enhance the book’s value and marketability!

Market Trends and Competitor Analysis:

A) Genre Analysis – Research the average price of the books within your chosen genre to understand reader expectations and establish a competitive price point.

B) Bestseller and Award-Winning Books: Analyze the pricing of similar successful books to gain insights into market trends and reader preferences!

C) E-book VS Paperback: Consider the pricing strategies of e-books and paperbacks within the genre to offer a balanced and competitive price across formats.

Target Audience and Affordability:

A) Reader Demographics – Understand the income levels and purchasing power of your target audience to ensure your book price is accessible!

B) Book Length and Page Count – Longer books with higher page counts generally command higher prices than shorter ones.

C) Library and Educational Market – Consider discounted pricing for libraries and educational institutions to expand your reach and promote reading!

Author Goals and Profitability

A) Financial Goals – Determine your desired profit margin and royalties to set a price that aligns with your financial objectives.

B) Book Sales Expectations – Estimate the number of books you expect to sell in order to ensure the reach your financial goals and recoup your investment made!

C) Marketing and Promotional Budget – Factor in the cost of marketing and promotional activities when setting your price to ensure you have sufficient funds for effective outreach.

Other Major Additional Factors

A) Awards and Recognition – Books with awards or critical acclaim can potentially command higher prices due to increased value and perceived quality!

B) Author Platform and Brand – Authors with established platforms and strong branding can often command higher prices for their books due to greater reader trust and demand.

C) Book Distribution Channels – Distribution channels like online retailers, bookstores, and libraries may have commission structures that influence your final book price!

Strategies for Determining the Ideal Price

There are various strategies to determine the ideal price for your book in India; some of the major strategies are mentioned as follows –

Competitive Analysis

Research the prices of similar books within your genre and target audience.

Cost-Plus Pricing

Calculate your total production costs and add a profit margin to determine the selling price!

Value-Based Pricing

Consider the value your book offers to readers and set a price that reflects that value.


Start with a tentative price and adjust it based on market response and sales data!

Utilize Online Tools

Various online tools and calculators can assist you in determining the ideal price for your book.

The Ideal Price Structure:

Now, comes the big question of the ideal price structure that you as an Indian Author can keep for your book in the current market scenario, which can also meet the yearly inflations and yet generate fair revenues for you. Well, the pricing structure mentioned below in this point is an estimated cost, which is best suited for the current-day Indian Book Market. Make sure to go through the factors as well as the strategies mentioned above in this article in order to find your sweet spot in the price range mentioned below!

Here is a general price range for the books in India –

  • Paperbacks: ₹200 – ₹500
  • E-books: ₹100 – ₹300
  • Hardbounds: ₹500 – ₹1000


Finding the perfect price for your book in India requires a delicate balance between maximizing your earnings and ensuring your work is accessible to your target audience. By carefully considering, the factors discussed above, conducting thorough research, and being mindful of the specificities of the Indian market, authors can establish a price point that is both fair and commercially viable. Remember, the ideal price is not just a number; it is a strategic decision that can significantly affect your book’s success and ultimately, its reach and impact on the world of Indian literature. In addition, you also need to remember that the ideal price is not static, and it might be revised based on market trends, sales performance, and reader feedback. Ultimately, the goal is to find a price that enables you to reach your target audience, achieve your financial objectives, and share your work with the world. Ultimately, the ideal price for your book is the one that makes you happy and helps you in achieving your goals as an author!

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