What It Takes To Be A Writer

Being a Writer high amount a lot of discipline, patience and creativity. Unfortunately, many people thinks that being a writer is an easy job and requires no efforts as one doesn’t even have to leave the house and go to the office. However, only lazy minds can think something like this. Since, a writer too is required to leave house, sit in office, and complete the work. For instance, take the case of the “Content Writers” who are recruited by the large & medium level companies; they are very much required to go to their office and complete their target within the deadline. The same goes with the Columnists, Reviewers, and all other writers as well.

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Moreover, even if a person is sitting at home, completing the task, and sending them to the publisher or their office then what is the harm in that? It is the creativity of that writer! Therefore, calling writing an easy job is simply stupidity that too when the world is in the “Work from Home” mode, after the outbreak of the Corona Virus. So, one needs to respect the other professions too in order to become good in their profession and a good human being.

To be a writer is not an easy thing, in fact, it never was an easy thing, whether it would have been in the Shakespearean era or the current day modern period. Being a writer requires a mindset – A mindset to be creative, to be patience enough to handle writer’s block, and to stay in discipline to maintain the quality of the content. Writers are the greatest ambassadors of the society; their works often reflects the real image of the society. It is often the written works of the writers, which the society follows or considers to the trend or customs. So, why is there not enough respect for the writers in our society?

The movies that we watch and enjoy are made over the stories, written by some writers only, which makes them worthy enough to be discussed. However, we remember the actors not the writers of the movie; we remember the powerful dialogues of the actors but not the dialogue writers. Isn’t this a shame? Why do the audience very conveniently neglects the ones, who form the backbone of the movie!

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The guts to stay behind the curtain and make someone else look good with their precious work is what it takes to a writer. So yes, it takes way too much to be a writer. ‘As being a writer is all about maintaining the balance between what a writer likes to write and what a reader desires to read.’ Therefore, to be able to present creativity in order to maintain the relevancy in this extremely dynamic world is what it takes to become a writer. Writing is a beautiful thing; it is like an art as well as science. As the writers needs to present the artistic approaches in their writings as well as to follow some basics Do’s and Don’ts in their writings as per the demands of the situations. Writing is something that is often carried out by souls. Well, be it a best-seller novel or a heart-touching column in a magazine, the readers love them only because the writers behind them very honest with their works and made sure to put their heart and soul in the process.

Oftentimes, writing is a process of full-time imagination and that is enough to prove that the writers are artists as well. Now, just take the case when you read something related to a fantasy world, most of you simply falls in love with the idea of a wonderland and read it to go deep in that world of imagination. Well, just imagine what efforts that would have taken for the writers, who had created this alternate world for you to fall in love with! Ask yourself, who can fill your world with wonders? Wouldn’t that be an artist? So yes, writers are artists in all true sense.

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Not all the writers receives the recognition, which they deserve but they not complain as long as their writings are celebrated. Almost all the writers are emotional when it comes to their writings, as they always hope that their work reaches to a long way and to appeal everyone even if their names get forgotten. Still, that passion of creating a masterpiece for the world to read and love is something what keeps the writers awake at nights and days!

How to Become an Author

Written By SHREYA SHARMA – Author of the Book, Indian Defence Files: Volume 1 (2021).

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