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Best language editing services in India

We have a large pool of Native English Speaking Editors, Writers who have best knowledge in the current industrial atmosphere of research and publication. We keep the project with 100% confidentiality by signing an agreement. Our expert team is available to support and guide you in every aspect of the project. You will be getting daily project updates on Email and Call via your project manager. Also, our support team is available 24×7 to help our clients. 

English Editing Company in India

Inkerspress provides the service of multiple levels of editing and proofreading to make your raw manuscript ready for publication. We provide proofreading, copyediting, and substantive editing to develop the quality of book. The books having grammatical errors, typing errors are mostly rejected by the publishers. Don’t worry, our experienced editors will reduce these publication barriers by working on your manuscript and suggesting the appropriate editing service. Regardless of the service you opt for, we focus on the highest quality with fast delivery time of output. Our proofreading team is experienced at handling academic, scientific, fiction and non fiction manuscripts. With a huge scores of manuscripts and thousands of happy client-interactions, our team ensures that critical aspects like language, writing style, punctuation terminology usage, contextual flow, reference style are met and standardized to make your manuscript submission-ready.

English Editing Services in India

You will require to have basic copy editing when there will be small grammatical errors like punctuation, spelling, tense, voice, narration etc. Our expert team will look over these issues and will correct it. We will make sure about these types of corrections in your manuscript. After the complete editing, it will be ready for your further publication use. We have worked with lot of academic authors for such projects our team is well trained and experienced. There will be one proofreading round after editing.

Language Editing and Proofreading Company

Substantive/ comprehensive editing is needed when there will be lot of errors in the manuscript regarding way of writing, use of proper phrases and sentences, using appropriate words according to the topic etc. Overall, in this type of editing, our editors rewrite the whole thing keeping same meaning. If the content is poorly written, or if you want the quality of the content to be improved as per the standards, you can surely go for the substantive editing. We will make it ready for submission for you. 

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