Why Reason For Every Action by Abdul Ghaffar

The book, “WHY – Reason For Every Action” by Author Abdul Ghaffar could be described as a “True Motivational Guide and a Saviour” for the people, who are looking out for the answers to the questions pertaining to the very existence of human life!

Balanced, articulate and enticing, WHY is a one of a kind self help book that may seem to raise a question but in fact puts forth answers long searched for. The content of the book is meticulously put across with ample examples and anecdotes. This makes it an interesting read. The idea of the book arises from the notion that among all WH questions it is Why that boggles minds the most. This is mainly because it highlights the reason behind one’s performance of a particular act. The book echoes Friedrich Nietzsche: “He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.” It lays bare the notion that Ghaffar states in his book which distinguishes between the actions one performs as opposed to actions one chooses not to perform. To elaborate on this Ghaffar notes: “Cause is related to reason while courage is related to your action.” It hints at karma or the moral that has been taught since childhood: As you sow, so shall you reap.

The book is replete with examples from various walks of life, different fields and different professions. What is important to note is the observations made. Ghaffar’s openness to the different fields and his love for scientific and philosophical enquiry make him take a balanced outlook towards answering the puzzles of life. The book is full of wisdom that is practical and applicable to individuals from various walks of life. This is mainly because Ghaffar considers himself a student first before thinking of himself as a teacher. He is open to learning and reading more for better understanding. This gives him first-hand experience as to how to go about the process of explanation and breaking down difficult ideas into simpler, crisp thoughts. The language of the book is easy to follow and the text flows from one idea to another with ease. Readers are bound to feel attracted to the abstract nature of the question and fall into the trail of asking more questions in order to find a better understanding. This sets them in a loop without chaining them to it. The loop puts forth thoughtful processing of ideas making the reader independent and allowing independent thought processing to take place.

Towards the end of the book, Ghaffar also becomes a poet and pens a poem on the word ‘why,’ what it means and all the myriad meanings it places. The poem is short but profound. It shows readers the significance of the word ‘why’ and how often we come across it in our daily lives but remain oblivious to its importance. This is a sweet and interesting play of words around the interrogative ‘why’ that makes readers more comfortable with the idea of questioning and not feel intimidated by it. The book has 8 chapters followed by a concluding chapter and bibliography. It is moderately lengthy but highly motivational. Another interesting aspect of the book is the cover which has WHY written in an upside-down manner. It is catchy and immediately grabs the attention of the readers, pulling them to picking up the book.

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