What Is IngramSpark & How Does IngramSpark Work?

In the rapidly evolving landscape of Self-Publishing, both the aspiring authors and the independent publishers requires a trusted partner to bring their literary dreams to life. Interestingly, IngramSpark emerges as a game changer and as a reliable platform, which empowers the authors as well as the publishers alike. Now, the big question is that what is IngramSpark, and how does it work? Well, let us embark on a journey to demystify this dynamic publishing solution!

In this article, we shall explore the intricacies of IngramSpark, from its inception to its pivotal role in the self-publishing revolution. We shall also delve into the functionalities that make it an essential tool for anyone with a story to share or knowledge to impart. By understanding the working mechanism of IngramSpark, authors and the publishers can unlock the potential of their written works and embark on a publishing journey that is both accessible and impactful. So, let us step into the world of IngramSpark and unravel the possibilities it holds for writers and publishers in today’s dynamic literary landscape.

Introduction to IngramSpark

IngramSpark, a subsidiary of the renowned Ingram Content Group, is a dynamic, user-friendly, and reliable platform dedicated to self-publishing and distributing print and digital books. This platform empowers authors, both newcomers and experienced, to take the reins of their publishing journey. It enables them to design, publish, and distribute their literary works on their terms!

In other words, IngramSpark is a versatile self-publishing platform designed to assist writers and publishers in bringing their books to the world with professional finesse. From choosing the printing options to the distribution channels, this remarkable platform of IngramSpark offers an array of services that cater to the diverse needs of the publishing industry.

Exploring the Benefits of IngramSpark

Over the years, IngramSpark has been proved to be beneficial for the authors as well as the publishers in several ways. Here is an in-depth exploration of what IngramSpark brings to the table –

The Benefits of IngramSpark for Authors:

Well, IngramSpark has been proved to be beneficial for the authors in a number of ways; some of them are discussed below –

i) Control Over Your Work:

One of the most significant advantages that IngramSpark offers is complete control over your work. Authors decide how their book looks, from the cover design to the formatting, giving them the creative freedom, which they deserve!

ii) Global Distribution:

IngramSpark ensures your book reaches a global audience. Through their partnerships with the bookstores, libraries, and online retailers worldwide, your work can be available to readers across the globe.

iii) Professional Quality:

The platform is designed to meet industry standards. This means your book will have a professional look, both inside and out. The superior quality reflects positively on your brand as an author!

iv) Flexible Print Options:

Authors can choose from a variety of print formats and options. Whether you prefer hardcovers, paperbacks, or something in between, IngramSpark caters to your specific needs.

v) Easy-to-Use Interface:

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to upload and publish your book. Even for those with minimal technical knowledge, it is a manageable process!

The Benefits of IngramSpark for Publishers:

Interestingly, IngramSpark has been proved to be beneficial for the publishers as well in a number of ways; some of them are discussed below –

i) Streamlined Publishing:

Publishers, both small and large, find IngramSpark to be an excellent tool for streamlining their publishing operations. It allows for efficient management of multiple titles.

ii) Reduced Costs:

The platform offers cost-effective publishing options, which can be especially beneficial for independent publishers. With lower overheads, you can allocate more resources to marketing and promotion!

iii) Comprehensive Distribution:

IngramSpark connects publishers to a vast network of bookstores, libraries, and online retailers. This level of distribution is essential for expanding the reach of your publications.

iv) Customization:

Publishers can easily tailor their publishing processes to match their branding and quality standards. This ensures consistency across all their titles!

How Does IngramSpark Work

Understanding how IngramSpark operates is the key to unlocking its potential. Here is an overview of the process –

Sign Up:

The journey starts with creating an IngramSpark account. Authors and publishers need to provide essential details and choose the type of content they wish to publish, be it print or digital.

Upload Content:

Once registered, you can start the publishing process. Upload your book files, and IngramSpark’s system will check them for compliance with industry standards!


This is the stage where you can make critical decisions about your book’s specifications, such as trim size, paper type, cover finish, and more. You can also choose from various print and distribution options.

Pricing and Distribution:

Set the retail price for your book and select distribution preferences. You can decide on distribution territories, discounts, and returnability options!

Review and Approve:

IngramSpark provides a digital proof for your review. Once you are satisfied with the final look, approve your title for distribution.

Global Distribution:

Your book is made available to a vast network of booksellers, libraries, and online retailers around the world, making it accessible to a diverse readership!

Manage Your Titles:

IngramSpark provides tools for managing your titles, tracking sales, and making updates as needed.

Difference between IngramSpark and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

IngramSpark and KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) are both popular self-publishing platforms that allow the authors to publish as well as distribute their books, but they have significant differences in terms of distribution, print quality, and business model. Here is a detailed comparison between them –

Difference in terms of Distribution:

KDP – KDP primarily focuses on distributing eBooks and paperbacks. It is closely tied to Amazon’s ecosystem, making it the go-to choice for those authors who wants to publish on Kindle and sell directly on Amazon. KDP offers expanded distribution to select online retailers and bookstores!

IngramSpark – IngramSpark is known for its extensive distribution network. It offers distribution to a wide range of online retailers, bookstores, libraries, and academic institutions, including Amazon. It also offers distribution of hardcovers in addition to eBooks and paperbacks.

Difference in terms of Print Quality

KDP – KDP offers good print quality, but it might vary based on location and equipment. The quality is generally suitable for most self-publishing needs!

IngramSpark – IngramSpark is known for its high-quality printing. Authors can choose premium color options, various trim sizes, and paper types. This makes it a preferred choice for professional quality print books.

Difference in terms of Pricing

KDP – KDP offers competitive pricing, especially for eBooks. Print book prices are generally lower than retail prices on IngramSpark. However, authors might earn a smaller royalty, particularly for print books!

IngramSpark – While printing costs might be slightly higher, authors often earn a higher royalty per book, especially for print books. This can be advantageous for authors with a higher retail price point.

Difference in terms of Title Setup and Fees

KDP – KDP is known for its ease of use and no upfront costs. Authors can publish eBooks and paperbacks without paying setup fees. They earn royalties based on book sales!

IngramSpark – IngramSpark charges setup fees for each format (eBook, paperback, hardcover). However, these fees are typically one-time charges per book and format. Authors can also choose to pay for revisions. Authors receive royalties based on sales, which can vary based on factors like retail price and distribution channel.

Difference in terms of Discount and Return

KDP – KDP offers limited control over discounts and returns. Authors can choose between two royalty options, each with different pricing and royalty structures!

IngramSpark – IngramSpark offers more control over pricing, discounts, and returnability. Authors can set their own prices, choose wholesale discounts, and decide return options. This flexibility can be important for authors targeting specific markets.

Difference in terms of Global Reach

KDP – KDP offers international distribution but is more closely associated with Amazon. Authors may need to manage multiple accounts for global reach!

IngramSpark – IngramSpark is known for its global distribution network. It simplifies international distribution by offering a single platform for reaching a wide range of markets.

Difference in terms of Author Services

KDP – KDP provides a straightforward publishing process but offers limited additional services. Authors are primarily responsible for book formatting, cover design, and marketing!

IngramSpark – IngramSpark offers a range of services, including cover design, eBook conversion, and professional editing services, which can be valuable for authors who want a one-stop solution.

In summary, the choice between IngramSpark and Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) depends on an author’s specific needs and goals. KDP is ideal for those authors who are focused on eBook and Amazon sales, while IngramSpark is more suitable for those authors who are looking for broader print book distribution, high print quality, and more pricing and distribution control. Interestingly, some authors even choose to use both the platforms to maximize their reach!

The Future Prospects of IngramSpark

The future of IngramSpark looks promising, with continued growth and innovation in the self-publishing industry. Authors and publishers can anticipate enhanced features, expanded distribution channels, and even more customization options to suit their unique needs. IngramSpark will likely continue to play a pivotal role in democratizing the publishing landscape. As the platform evolves, it is expected to remain at the forefront of self-publishing and independent book publishing, providing valuable resources and opportunities for creators and literary enthusiasts.


Well, IngramSpark represents the convergence of technology, creativity, and the age-old desire to share stories. For authors and publishers alike, it is a gateway to a world of possibilities. The benefits of complete control, global reach, and professional quality, coupled with an easy to navigate platform, make it a game changer in the world of publishing. The future of IngramSpark is full of promise. As it continues to evolve and adapt, it will empower even more authors and publishers to craft their literary success stories. Whether you are an author with a compelling narrative or a publisher with a treasure trove of titles, IngramSpark opens doors to a world of opportunities, where your words can be shared with readers around the globe. Your journey in the world of publishing begins here, and with IngramSpark as your companion, the possibilities are indeed boundless!

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