How To Spend Your Book Marketing Money Better

How to spend your book marketing money better – now this is an age-old question, which the authors always keep on asking each time, whenever their books are about the release. Time changes so does the situations, so even if you are an experienced author you still do not know how to spend your money accurately at the time of your book release. As the existing scenario completely depends upon a mix of outside factors like social media promotions, influencer driven promotions, magazines & hoardings based promotions and what not. While these factors keep on changing form time to time and an author do not always keep the track of factors, which yields highest investment returns at a particular frame of time-period. Therefore, it become extremely vital for the authors to spend their book marketing money wisely and in a better manner!

One wrong decision of investing the book marketing money can tank down even a great book. Putting money at the wrong place can be proved fatal for any book even with extraordinary potential and this hard truth makes it even more important for the authors to be extremely careful, while choosing the course of their spending during their book releases. Well, till now you would have guesses that there is no sure sort formula for spending your book marketing money as it changes time to time depending upon the current circumstances. So, what does an author need to do? It is really simple, keep a ‘Contingency Approach’ and act as per the demands of the situations.

Anyways there is not much to worry, as through this write-up we will be discussing how authors can spend their book marketing money wisely and in a better manner. Well, authors are businesspersons too and they too follow the formula of putting money into sources, which can yield them higher returns on their investments! So, yes of course almost all the authors plans their book marketing spending. One basic thing that the authors needs to keep in their minds is that they should never be afraid of spending money on their book marketing. As spending made on the ‘Book Marketing Methods’ are going to yield far more monetary benefits than going with the organic approach.

So here, we shall discuss 3 Vital Steps that will help you as an author to spend your Book Marketing Money in a better manner, these steps are –

Step 1) Hire a Great Designer: ‘Do not judge a book by its cover’ is great advice for everyday life, but it is terrible advice when it comes to your books! As people are going to judge your book by its cover, no matter how much effort you may have put into writing your masterpiece, so it is always recommend to spend some extra money you have on professional, market and genre-appropriate cover design. The readers around the world are judgmental and they will judge your book if the book cover is not appropriate with the genre and the book title! Therefore, it is extremely important for have a great book cover, especially when you consider the way people browse books online these days!

Step 2) Hire an Expert Editor: Maybe you have been using your spouse, significant other, close friend or family member to give your books a look before you publish. Or perhaps you have been relying on feedback from your writer’s group to polish your prose. Well, there is nothing wrong with these methods of getting additional sets of eyes on your work, but it is highly recommend that you hire a professional editor to give your book a thorough scrubbing!

Professional editors can be costly and do not be surprised to get quotes for more than the ‘Publishing Cost’ from them but an experienced, reputable editor can mean the difference between a bestseller and an also ran. One of the best ways to locate an editor is to check the credits and acknowledgements of books that you have enjoyed to see who your favourite writers turn to for editing. Do not be afraid to reach out.

Step 3) Supercharge your Author’s Website: Your website is one of the cornerstones of your author platform, and it is one of the foremost representations of your brand on the internet. Therefore, if it does not look good and help you build your fan base, it can actually hurt your business.

Spend as much money as you can afford to make your website look great and ensure that it provides users with a satisfying experience. If possible, hire an experienced SEO writer to create copy that drives useful traffic to your author website. In addition, do not forget to make your site Mobile Friendly!

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