How To Choose A Journal For Your Interdisciplinary Research – Tips For Mechanical, Civil & Industrial Engineering Researchers

In the ever-evolving landscape of research and academia, interdisciplinary research has emerged as a dynamic force. This approach transcends the traditional boundaries of single disciplines, fostering the integration of knowledge, methodologies, and insights from diverse fields. Yet, while interdisciplinary research offers great potential for innovation, there is a significant challenge that researchers face: where to publish their work. Selecting the right journal is a crucial step in sharing the findings of interdisciplinary research with the academic community. In this article, we shall explore the ways to choose a journal for your interdisciplinary research and provide specific tips for the researchers belonging to the field of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, and industrial engineering!

Understanding Interdisciplinary Research

Interdisciplinary research is an approach that combines elements of two or more academic disciplines to create a more comprehensive understanding of complex problems or phenomena. It encourages collaboration between experts from various fields, promoting the integration of their knowledge and methodologies to address multifaceted issues. By drawing from diverse disciplines, interdisciplinary research can lead to novel discoveries and innovative solutions.

Interdisciplinary research is often the driving force behind tackling the complex challenges of our time, such as climate change, healthcare, and sustainable urban development. However, this unique approach requires specialized outlets for publication, as traditional journals may not provide the breadth and depth needed to accommodate the multidisciplinary nature of this work in particular!

Tips for Choosing the Right Journal

Selecting the right journal for interdisciplinary research is a critical decision. It is a process that requires a deep understanding of your research, its core components, and the target audience you aim to reach. Here are some tips to guide researchers from various fields in choosing the correct journal –

Tips for Mechanical Engineering Researchers:

  • Identify Your Research’s Main Component:

Recognize the primary focus of your research, whether it is related to materials, thermodynamics, or fluid dynamics, and search for journals specializing in that specific aspect.

  • Explore Mechanical Engineering Journals:

Investigate well-established journals like the “ASME Journal of Mechanical Design” and the “Journal of Fluids Engineering.” Consider hybrid journals with interdisciplinary sections!

  • Interdisciplinary Sections:

Some journals have interdisciplinary sections that can accommodate research with a blend of mechanical engineering and another field. This can be a suitable option for those researches, which does not fit neatly into a single discipline.

  • Seek Advice:

Consult your academic peers or mentors who have experience in interdisciplinary research. They can provide valuable insights and suggest suitable journals!

Tips for Civil Engineering Researchers:

  • Define Your Research’s Core Component:

Determine the central element of your research within civil engineering, such as structural engineering, environmental engineering, or transportation engineering.

  • Survey Civil Engineering Journals:

Look into reputable civil engineering journals, including “Journal of Structural Engineering,” “Journal of Environmental Engineering,” and “Journal of Transportation Engineering.” Many of these journals have specific sections or categories for interdisciplinary research!

  • Consider Environmental Journals:

If your research has a significant environmental aspect, explore interdisciplinary environmental journals that embrace connections between civil engineering and environmental science.

  • Reviewer Expertise:

Pay attention to the expertise of journal reviewers. A journal with reviewers who understand both civil engineering and the intersecting discipline will be more receptive to interdisciplinary work for the researchers!

Tips for Industrial Engineering Researchers:

  • Define the Core Area:

Pinpoint the main domain of your industrial engineering research, whether it is operations research, supply chain management, or human factors engineering.

  • Examine Industrial Engineering Journals:

Investigate journals like the “Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management” and “IISE Transactions” for research areas within industrial engineering. These journals often accept interdisciplinary research!

  • Target Relevant Fields:

When your research extends into other fields, consider journals in those domains that accept interdisciplinary articles, such as management, economics, or logistics.

  • Networking:

Attend interdisciplinary conferences and workshops where you can connect with researchers from the various disciplines and learn about journals receptive to interdisciplinary work, which already exist to seek guide as a researcher!

Benefits of Choosing the Correct Journal for Interdisciplinary Research:

Selecting the right journal is not just about publication; it significantly affects the reach and influence of your work –

  • Visibility:

Publishing in an appropriate journal ensures that your research reaches scholars interested in your topic, thus increasing its visibility and impact.

  • Credibility:

The reputation of the journal you choose can enhance the credibility of your work, reinforcing its quality and significance!

  • Citations:

Being published in a respected journal increases the likelihood of your work being cited, contributing to your academic influence.

  • Engagement:

The right journal connects your research with a relevant community of researchers, fostering engagement and potential collaboration!

  • Career Advancement:

A strong publication record in suitable journals can be instrumental in career advancement and funding opportunities.

Navigating the Maze of Multidisciplinary Publications

Choosing the right journal for your interdisciplinary research is a pivotal step in this journey. The interdisciplinary nature of your work may not fit neatly into traditional disciplinary journals, making it crucial to identify the publications that best align with the core components of your research. For mechanical engineers, civil engineers, industrial engineers, and countless other interdisciplinary researchers, the tips provided in this article serve as a guiding light. They help you navigate the intricate maze of academic publications and find the right platforms to disseminate your ground breaking findings!


Embracing interdisciplinary research offers an opportunity to shape the future of knowledge. However, this endeavour requires collaboration, forward thinking, and a strategic approach to publishing. By following the advice laid out here in this particular article, you can overcome the hurdles and share your insights with the broader academic community.

Ultimately, interdisciplinary research is about bridging gaps and building bridges between disciplines, between researchers, and between knowledge domains. The correct choice of a journal is not merely a publication decision; it is a vital step in shaping the future of knowledge, which will most probably inspire others to pursue innovative, multidisciplinary paths. As the world’s challenges grows to be more complex, interdisciplinary research has never been more essential. It is through such research that we can hope to find the innovative solutions needed to address the multifaceted issues of our time!

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