Benefits Of Advertising Via Magazines

Many of you may argue that does it make any sense to carry out advertising via magazines in the modern daytime. Well, you may think that in the 21st century, advertising in print or in digital magazines is simply pointless as the television easily reaches millions more consumers. Advertising on your website costs less than on TV. However, in reality, the magazine industry, even in hard copy, is doing well. New magazines are constantly appearing, and a number of them succeed and thrive. Buying ad space may not be cheap, but it can be effective!

Cable TV has some niche channels, but magazines take specializing to the next level. Advertising in a magazine that caters to a niche audience of enthusiasts or professionals targets that audience very precisely. Well, there are several more issues with the running of advertisements on TV apart from it being excessive costly. An ad spot runs on TV, then it is over. The same is true for radio. The daily paper gets thrown out. Magazines may sit on a coffee table for months or in a doctor’s waiting room for months’ longer. After the buyer finishes reading the magazine, family members may read it, or they may give it to a friend or they may donate it to their local library. The ability to sell can continue long after you paid for the ad.

Benefits Of Advertising Via Magazines

Well, let us now cover the benefits of advertising via magazines, pointwise –

This is your Target Market

If your business is local, then your local magazine is the ideal way to speak directly to your potential customers. They are interested and involved in their local community, so they will be interested in you too. Because they are proud of where they live, readers will probably prefer to buy from local businesses.

What People take on in their Time Out

There is plenty to attract our attention on websites and social media but sitting down with a hot drink and a magazine is different. It is a quiet, relaxed time we have awarded ourselves. There is not any competition, we will just look at what interests us, and that is a great opportunity for advertisers. 

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Being Noticed

There is a lot of media traffic out there, and we learn to filter it. In a magazine, there are only so many pages, with just a few advertisements on each page. You have a much better chance of being noticed and your local advertisements will be more memorable than their digital equivalents. 

Reader Confidence

Fake news and cybercrime have made many people hesitant about online engagement. In contrast, readers trust their local magazine as a source of local information, so they are more likely to trust you too. There is very little risk for them in making a call or sending an email. 

Opportunities to be Seen

While online and social media are ‘in the moment’, your local magazine has staying power. It might stay on a coffee table, in an office or café for a whole month, until the next edition is published. It might be shared with family and friends. That means your advertisement can be seen over and over again. 

Spin-off Brand Benefits

Your local magazine will have a great reputation for interest and authority. People will trust what they see, and your brand will benefit as a result. 

Staying power

In all likelihood your local magazine has been around for a long time, so people recognise its value. Commit to a long-term campaign of advertising and you can build your recognition over time. 

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Extra Opportunities

Your local magazine will have an excellent distribution network. If you want to complement your advertising with a voucher or flier you know it will arrive safely. Your extra promotional material is much more likely to be read when it arrives with a trusted local publication. 

Brand Power

Take the opportunity to create consistency across all your channels, so wherever people come into contact with you they will see the same messages and images. You will reach new audiences in a printed magazine and become a well-recognized local business. 


You know exactly when your advertisement will appear and where, so you can measure the response. Make your call to action very specific and you will know exactly how effective your advertisement has been. 

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