A Tribute To Williams Shakespeare

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Be it a school going kid or a college level student or even the ones doing their doctorate – studying the stories, sonnets & plays of Williams Shakespeare occurs at each of these stages, just like Shakespeare’s ‘Seven Ages of Man!’ Well, someone with a stature of Williams Shakespeare deserves their work to be acknowledged for years to follow that too by people of all ages at various levels. The greatness of Williams Shakespeare lays in the fact that his work is reason behind ‘Literature’ being so interesting and appealing for many!

Shakespeare’s contribution in the field of English Literature is countless; he has been one of the greatest influencer to the people for centuries. Not many people knows that apart from his great sonnets, plays and tales, he has also introduced several words in the English Language. Interestingly, most of us uses these words very frequently without ever realizing the fact that it is due to the plays of Williams Shakespeare that these words came into the light. Most of you will be amazed to know the commonly used words like – Champion, Circumstantial, Accused, Addition, Bet, Bedroom, Blanket, Bump, Gloomy, Secure, Monumental, Hint, Impartial, Courtship, Cold-Blooded, Dauntless, Dawn, Exposure, Fashionable, Laughable, Luggage, Unreal and so many more have been introduced into the English Language through the literary works of Shakespeare.

Now, this is enough for you to understand that English Language owes a great debt to Williams Shakespeare. As he invented over 1700 of our common words by changing nouns into verbs, changing verbs into adjectives, connecting words never before used together, adding prefixes and suffixes, and devising words wholly original. How many of us knew about this, isn’t this something really amazing?

Now, imagine how limited would have been our vocabulary even in the modern times, if Shakespeare would not have been lived. Even though he invented those words centuries ago nevertheless, still in this modern age we are using his words, as if we direly depend upon them. ‘Genius’ is too simple a word for someone as great as Williams Shakespeare. His greatness lays in layers, which is not easy to divulge. Not only the readers of English Literature, but also several writers, poets, authors and literary contributors has been awestricken by the depth of Shakespeare works and has written & published their literary works dedicated to Williams Shakespeare!  

Well, for instance let us talk about the poem, ‘Shakespeare’ by Matthew Arnold, which he has written to praise the eminence of the one & only, Williams Shakespeare. Matthew even titled his poem in Shakespeare’s name, which shows that there is no word to define the reputation of Williams Shakespeare. His works are more than just being praise worthy, most of his works are timeless and that is the primary reason for us to read his plays and sonnets even centuries after their composition. Probably this is the reason, why Williams Shakespeare’s works are considered as the ‘Classics’ in English Literature. He has always been a timeless figure for the literature lovers and now even after so many centuries no one has come even close to his achievements.

Shakespeare’s classic plays are something, which probably we all would have read in some or the other stages in our lives. His plays are often considered as the greatest plays ever and who will not agree to this! From ‘Julius Caesar’ to ‘Macbeth’, Shakespeare simply presented the political circumstances with a lens so sharp that readers can only get themselves enlightened. Whereas his classical romantic drama, ‘Romeo and Juliet’ has been a play, about which the people around the world still talks. He simply has been amazingly genius in all his works, be it ‘Othello’ or ‘As You Like It’ or ‘Hamlet’ or ‘The Merchant of Venice’ or ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ or ‘The Tempest’ or ‘Twelfth Night’ and the list goes on & on!

Just like several others, who came, saw, and were conquered by the invincible stature of Shakespeare, I too have fallen for the repute of this literary genius and this write-up is actually an attempt from my side to pay my tributes to this all-time greatest contributor of literature, none other than Williams Shakespeare.

To Shakespeare, may you keep inspiring the generations after generations!

Written By NEEL PREET – Author of the Books, Voice From The East (2016); Journey With Time Place And Circumstances (2018) & Indian Defence Files (2021).

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