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The hallmark of a good research work lies in its presentation. It can be one of two ways – writing a research article or writing an academic thesis. The basis of writing the two is virtually the same with a very thin line separating the two. However, presenting your ideas, arguments, or insights in a coherent manner is never an easy job.

An academic thesis in its core is basically a collation of all the research work done and to be presented to the world. A well-written thesis contains an abstract of the work done, an extensive review of literature of past studies, a captivating introduction and not to forget, a proper section to cite all references. Besides the core research work that has been done, the aforementioned sections play the most vital role in shaping a good thesis.

And we are here to help you in all that. Inkerspress has a team of qualified academic writers who are dedicated exclusively for thesis re-writing. We are not Jack-of-all-but-master-of-none. At present, we specialize exclusively in Biological Sciences and Humanities theses writing, editing, and plagiarism checks.

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