Can Other Genres Ever Overtake Romantic Fictions?

One of the most reoccurring question, which I often had to encounter, is that – Can Other Genres Ever Overtake Romantic Fictions? Therefore, today with this article, I am going to give an answer to this question and present my opinion with an open mind, which is based upon the analysis made by me over the period of last 6 years. Well, if you too are one of that book lover, who is seeking the answer to this question then certainly this write-up will provide some valuable insights!

Well first things first, let me make it easier for you and directly tell you that Romantic Fictions are going to stay at the top for a very long time frame; and it is certainly going to be very difficult for the other genres to overtake the king of all genres, romantic fictions. Now further in this write-up, I shall provide you all the reasons to support my opinion and I will leave it up to you to make your final conclusions regarding this subject matter.

There are several genres in the literary world and the addition of the books belonging to all the genres, modern or traditional completes the world of Literature! Therefore, every genre in the world of literature has their own importance, which is irreplaceable too. Whereas, still romantic fictions are considered the king of all genres by numerous authors, writers, readers, book reviewers and even the publishers. So what makes the genre of romantic fiction so powerful? Why books with romantic fictions genre holds the privilege of being the Best-Sellers in most of the cases? Answering this is interesting for me too and maybe my analogy of romance with the potato will bring a grin to your face; however hear me out, as my unconventional analogy maybe a perfect fit to prove my point. 

Interestingly, romance is like the ‘Potato’ of the writing world; as we know that almost in every kind of meal, be it a vegetarian meal or a non-veg meal or even the fast foods or in the most other food preparations, potatoes are widely used. Very much in the similar manner ‘Romance’ is used by the writers of all genres, now wait for a second before moving on to the next line and think about it. In most of the cases, the writers who carry out writing in genres other than romantic fictions uses romance in their work too. Did some examples occur in your mind? Which book are you thinking of now?

Even the all-time biggest ‘Children’s Action & Adventure’ books’ series – The Harry Potter Series too is having more than substantial amount of romance in them. Now, you can see it yourself that the world’s most popular ‘Magical Fictional’ book series is also having romance in their storylines. Moreover, the romance added by Author J.K. Rowling in the Harry Potter book series is not just for giving some romantic flavours in her stories just to grab the readers; rather those love angles in the Harry Potter book series plays a pivotal role in the making as well as in the progress of the plot.

Well, I guess now most of you might be agreeing with my unconventional analogy of romance with the potato! Ha! Ha! Again, I will ask you the same question, which books are coming in your mind now, that belongs to other genres but their storyline largely depends upon the romance of their main characters? I will give you one classic example to prove my point; I know all of you reading this article have heard about Williams Shakespeare several times so I will show you how even the classic literary authors depended upon romance in order to complete their books, whose prime genre used to be something else than romance.

One of the all-time greatest classic hits, even in the modern era – Macbeth, which was originally written as a ‘Play’ by Williams Shakespeare is a classic fiction belonging to the genre of ‘Tragedy!’ However, those of us who had read this incredible political drama knows the role of romance in this classic tragedy. If it would not have been for the love of Lady Macbeth then Macbeth would not have committed such sins and thus the plot could not have progressed and we would never have witnessed such an all-time classic political drama.

I hope that now most of you would have had the answer to this question – Can Other Genres Ever Overtake Romantic Fictions? So, this was my honest opinion upon this subject matter, which you can see it yourself that I presented as fairly as I could that too with an open mind.

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